End of Year Show

Every KemKids student will perform in our End of Year Show at a Palm Beach County theater. We host an amazing event where we want every child to feel like a star! All of our productions include a fantastic theme, exciting music, beautiful costumes, professional stage props, and Medals and Memory Books for every performer! And your child will be on stage for over 2 minutes per routine!

Even better…our Dress Rehearsal is less than 1.5 hours long! Most studios have 8+ hour long Dress Rehearsals and sometimes a lighting day too! We will also host multiple shows again this year, so you can spend less time at the theater on perfomance day and more time celebrating your child’s performance!

Monthly payments include:
  • Weekly 1 Hour Classes
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • End of Year Show
  • 1 Costume and tights
  • 1 Medal
  • 1 Memory Book


Show schedule and instructions will be posted under Events on the Show Schedule and Instructions page when they are available in April.

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More Reasons to Choose KemKids!

With KemKids your child will learn all the fundamentals that are taught at those expensive dance studios…except KemKids classes are taught directly after school with the same qualified instructors!


KemKids is dedicated to offering high quality programs for your children directly after school, allowing you more quality time with your children and less time in the car. So why wait in the car line? Enroll your child in KemKids and you’ll both have a better day!


Do you want to see our Students in Action?
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