KemKids Dance


In KemKids Dance your child will learn all the fundamentals of Dance that are taught at those expensive dance studios...except KemKids classes are taught directly after school with the same qualified instructors!  At the end of the year your child will have found new confidence, made new friends, learned new skills and had tons of fun! 

Each class will learn a routine that they will perform for you and your family at the
KemKids End of Year Show! Your child will also have the option of participating in Parades with hundreds of other KemKids students!

We offer a variety of individual and combination Dance classes. Please refer to the schedule to see which classes are being offered at your location this year.

Ballet: KemKids Ballet teaches formal ballet technique using proper terminology with an emphasis on precision, grace and proper body alignment.

Jazz: KemKids Jazz is a fun-filled, high energy dance class. Dancers will learn basic jazz steps, progressive skills and jazz combinations and routines.

Lyrical: Lyrical dance is a contemporary dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Dancers will learn to use emotions while performing to slower music.

Hip Hop: KemKids Hip Hop is a high-energy dance class that includes a strong focus on rhythm, dynamics, and stylization. Dancers will learn fun hip hop techniques and combinations, danced to their favorite age appropriate music.

KemKids is dedicated to offering high quality programs for your children directly after school, allowing you more quality time with your children and less time in the car. So why wait in the car line? Enroll your child in KemKids and you’ll both have a better day!

Parade Information: 
All KemKids classes will participate in a holiday parade this year. Participation is optional.
Special Instructions: 
Please notify your child's teacher and the Aftercare Director about your child's participation in a KemKids AfterSchool Class. Please include an extra water bottle for your child.

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The show was really very nice, from production to the performances...what a valued gift to train our children for this experience. the performances were all different not only from costume but the use of props, and you could see that care was given so that all children could excel to the best of their abilities with the choreography. Bravo to the instructors! ....Kem Kids is a wonderful concept in bringing the arts to aftercare programs so that precious time is utilized to its fullest for working parents. Bravo to the owners! [My daughter] really valued her award medal and cannot wait to be a part of Kem Kids next school year at [her school].

Congratulations to the staff of kemkids ,you did a great job,the kids were amazing.Thank you so much to help my kids realize their dreams.

Fantastic show!!!!!!

Rehearsal was such a success!! To say I was impressed is an understatement. The costumes, the routines, the professional photo and video options (so we can actually sit and watch the show), the progress the kids have made, the organization, it was much more than I expected when I signed [my daughter] up..I'm a happy and proud mama!! Kudos to Ms Sandra, Ms Amy and Kem Kids

The show was great. Thank you.

AWESOME!! Great job to you and your staff and of course, all the performers!

I am very happy to know that with all the children you have enrolled in your program, not only in [...] Elementary, but through out the others schools, you know my [child] as an individual. It means alot to me that you take the time out to get to know each child. [He] really enjoys your class.

I am so happy to hear the great news. You all have been working very hard with our kids. Thank you for all that you do :)

Our Mission is to teach children how to lead a healthy and active life by participating in activities that they enjoy.
The time your children spend with KemKids is not something they will do once and forget about, it is something that will stay with them for life!